Common Network Security Issues

Security of Network is a network’s safety measures. It is the practice of ensuring the safety of the network and preventing an unauthorized party from tampering with it. The only way to avoid any such untoward incident is to take various preventive measures so that they become more effective and secure.

The responsibility of managing security policies is mostly done by IT Administrators. They are usually in the position of evaluating the current security situation and taking the necessary actions to secure the network. However, there are times when they are unable to do so as they may be working under pressure or may have their priorities wrong. This is where the problem is located and if it occurs it becomes very important to understand how the problems happen.

A number of things may lead to the issues with security policy. Sometimes, a small mistake may occur and give an unauthorized user access to the system. In order to prevent this, some preventative measures should be taken by the IT Administrators.

There may be times when an automated system is used to automatically classify files as secure or unsecure. This classification system can make the process of identifying and classifying files easy and faster but sometimes these methods may not be enough. Sometimes, files fall in between the two categories and sometimes the categorization process may not be complete and hence might not trigger any action on the part of the security administrator.

There are times when there is an implementation process which can cause some delays in the process of identifying and classifying files. When this happens, the organization must immediately notify their IT Security Advisor so that they can take the necessary steps to identify the problem and rectify it. If this happens many times then the overall process may take a lot of time.

Sometimes, a wrong decision may be made by the Administrator as they would lack the proper training. Sometimes, when the decision is based on outdated information, the results will be disastrous. If these mistakes are not taken care of immediately then the time needed to solve the problem may increase tremendously.

There are other network security issues which often occur that do not come to the attention of the administrators. These problems are generally of their own making. There may be instances where the administrator would get transferred from one department to another. This can cause complications and may give the undesired effects to the network security.

The process of implementing a complete security program for the network can also be an issue. Sometimes, the IT Security Advisors gets confusing and fails to check whether they have been informed about the necessary processes and procedures for the new process. They may get tempted to implement the new procedures without getting the approval of the IT Security Advisor. The authorized person then gets exposed to risk.

There are times when people take the shortcuts and change the security policy without consulting the Administrator. This is the reason why they should be monitored regularly. Any lapse in proper monitoring of the Administrator may be the source of the entire security issue.

Many times, the network security issues are not due to the fault. There might be times when the situation is totally outside the reach of the administrators. Sometimes, they get directly involved in these matters. In such a case, it becomes very important to get the concerned persons to cooperate and provide all the required information for the maintenance of the network security.

Sometimes, the Network Security Policy, Security Document, and other related documents might be misplaced or not properly maintained. Some of these documents might be created using old data and hence, they might contain obsolete information. It becomes very important to ensure that the documents are updated regularly so that they provide the necessary information to the Network Security Policy.

There are so many things that can make the network security issues. Hence, it becomes very important to maintain the security of the network by regularly upgrading the software, updating the network security policy, doing the necessary updates and patches, and checks and so on. It also becomes very important to alert the appropriate personnel and make the necessary changes in the policy to prevent any security breaches in the future.

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